Saturday, January 5, 2013

oakley holbrook But you will do well

Grasping arm himself. Shenandoah Shenandoah was pulling away, do not step down, she hesitated for a moment, it said: "Ordaz the Master ...... in the end ...... in the end .. .... "Ordaz looked at her, his eyes suddenly flashed Jisi clear understanding, laughed and said:" I know it's you! betrayed my people is you! The good! Shenandoah, you actually out of me! ha ha ha ha ...... "Shenandoah face flashed a bit afraid to look, whispered:" the Austrian ... Ordaz Master. .. are you talking about? "Ordaz suddenly hand, a pinch in the throat above the Shenandoah, her emaciated body was a little put up face Biede. Orda Adams sneer a cry, it said: "Well, Shenandoah, your original should not stay here, but since you have left, then tell me Well, jerseys he wanted to do in the end? he promised to What are the benefits you only makes you betray me? "Shenandoah face flushed, devoting the best extrusion from deep in his throat a few words:" Ordaz ... Master ... you in say? ... do not know what you mean! "do not understand?" Ordaz sneer, "But never mind, I probably understand what jerseys you want to do, he g Liz away rather than spot kill, nothing more than you want to save her. really a straightforward trap! he considered accurate I will go down, you say? Shenandoah! "Shenandoah coughed, struggled Road: "the Austrian ... Ordaz Master ... I really do not know ... I do not know ... what you're saying ah!" Ordaz Well cry, hands shoved hard, Shenandoah body being left out, smashing a heaven big trees on top, after a moment before slowly sliding down. Ordaz looked at her and whispered: "You do not say you do not know anything,oakley holbrook, since you betrayed me, and presumably also know the consequences, right? But you will do well, and now I do not have time to care about you, because I would like to go to the jerseys .... .. If you do not want to die, then, pray, pray jerseys crappy conspiracy to kill me ... otherwise, I would definitely put you cramp skinned! "Yanba, Orr Das sky and shouts loudly, the laughter the end of time, his stature has disappeared from the spot, this time sending count people passing by, who will be able to know just what happened in this place? Shortly after , Shenandoah only slowly from the ground up, she spread her open mouth, a blood from throat Bay out, but she feels like to feel, just daydream, daydream watching the direction of the motor city long before wriggle Yi Tan, said: "Ordaz Master ...... all this, it all ...... are for you, ah!" little by little, the coming of the night, the Austrian Erda Si a sword through the mountains toward the direction of the motor city flew away from here rushed to the Mount of many cities, and at least a day and a night time, and jerseys Mind, absolutely will be ready in key places, static

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