Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Fortunately, there is no fool of myself, these words really eloquence, not a professional interior designer did not well-known head,oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday, Raymond does not understand the inspiration come from, just be thankful. XQ Shen reveal the surprise color , it was an accident, Raymond gave this find landed me in trouble, he is aware of the virtues of Shen XQ, what thing a seriously endless, do not know how embarrassed their own time that I had never learned what interior design. said little knowledge even scratched the surface did not understand, that I then just completely all of a sudden the nonsense out, also do not understand is how you really want to call their own to engage in interior design, then how to do it? just proud, proud of vanity meet, but also good to show off an own position feel raising a lot, but can be followed by something to eat the bitter fruit of the child.
See Raymond face is not very good, Shen XQ, Chen Dao: experiences as a child, immediately rose before his eyes.
A meal in this atmosphere in the past, joking slapstick property of slapstick, Raymond, and Shen XQ are very pleased to re-meet each other stay on the phone. Shen XQ said one day to go to the Raymond school visit to visit to see what schools to develop a fool. Raymond natural smile, I thought I let her see she is still a second-class College of mix, not sweeps face? that time, said what had to push it to take off.
After dinner, Raymond is supposed to pay, but Shen XQ said nothing to buy Raymond, when the Dayton she invited, but Raymond still insist on their own pay, if you do not pay the man the image of the lost, but adhere to adhere to, or Shen XQ launch a restaurant, In this case, Raymond is no way, his heart is not too happy. Well, to save to save it, how to say several large one hundred! Linfeng An comfort himself.
Farewell Shen XQ, Raymond Zhang Donghao and Yang Lei taxi back to school, Raymond, of course, back rent. Today, Shen XQ met Raymond a good mood up, even if a long time did not meet, but the meal after dinner, two people no barriers, although they are still a child, like noisy, but Raymond feels good to know precisely childhood Raymond Shen XQ a playmate around the living than their big brothers and sisters, these are also boring childhood-only memories. years later, and grew up with the opposite sex re-

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