Friday, May 25, 2012

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Often satisfied with the award must be very rich! Showtime spit tongue and said: 100, strength 115, 45 speed, 51 agility, strength 71, the spirit of 120, with three fighting technique, three fixed body surgery, a kinship skills, a vindictive, good progress turns out to be rapidly! Otaku can not help a little bit disappointed, Watching Showtime chest Jiugong pattern, Otaku asked suddenly: Shin looked down at his chest, smiled and said: Men of this house finally luck is no longer to only smoke in five bottles of life potion, which is a special potion that can completely eliminate the tension and fatigue, people filled with energy, 10:00 a bottle of Grade D items in the system .
A fly leg is also a meat, otaku is gratefully syrup thrown into the empty ring has been Debu outrageous.
The task is completed, the home bath, thought of this, Otaku whole body itch was not.oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday
Out for three days, thinking parents worry worry look Ping Yuheng now be described as eager to go home. Flashlight is not need the skills of kinship with night vision capability, Otaku vision with a crevice moss lines to see clearly, a lot of speed is also fast, the body close to the stone walls run fast, slippery stones can not affect his actions.
Yes, I am not able to transform into? Otaku bolted suddenly think of it, turn into bats and fly directly out do not pull the wind? Really, he obviously has a monster, thinking is still stuck in the ground running level, not with the times, really shameful ah! hearts idea just turn his stature flash has been turned into a bat, hard to keep the ball rolling in the air with wings, eyes suddenly could not see anything, but With sonar system of the mouth and ears, he (do not know whether to use it) or can clearly feel the surrounding terrain.
The blind man feeling unhappy or

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