Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Can not get here. I see or teachers to the front, you led the troops to break through the enemy line of defense, nine brigades of us willing to give you along the way! Gao Minghui nodded, he knew the soldiers of the asylum Left Behind, the matter to the director of the Political Department to do to become, do not need a division of the shop and go to the little business, bile horse teachers very reassuring to the specific command delegated to their two Brigadier teachers believe in their brigade commander in front did not cross the mountain, drip But the river. horse teachers left behind, but to let go of their hands and feet, so that they own a big go.
Gao Minghui moved ten brigades in front of the battle the enemy crippled, in fact, lose the ability to once again attack. In this case, as heard gunshots excited madman Brigadier should Zhifeng there is not even grab the task of attacking the enemy and their own, not only so, but also willing to supplement his troops to their own troops inside! Gao Minghui can not help but moved.
We also paid a heavy casualties,nike air max 94, the whole trip is only 3,000, or with our trip to nine of your trip launch assault following the fight or should Brigadier to command, I'll give you as his running mate. on you with the high Brigadier, you do not modest,cheap girls basketball shoes, how? Is famous fool Brigadier afraid of directing the battle you? This is really the sun rise in the west out Shucks ... how do I be afraid of fighting, but my troops lost to continue the offensive capability, should really make you trip on. then, I am here to help you ... See two brigadier looked like individuals, Douglas Hsu was filled with a wide variety of indescribable taste, he heard the commander said troops to train a mutual brotherhood and friendship, to see the credit to make, difficult to grab the before Douglas Hsu think this is unlikely - who knows better than the credit honors push toward the door? today he saw this happen in the most unlikely people who he thinks.
greatly enhance the nineteenth regiment of troops insufficient, can not rush down the hills on the enemy. 28th Regiment to attack again? Can be the enemy has already strengthened the defense forces, and here the terrain is not conducive to our military

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