Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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The body of mining, heard this, suddenly to the spirit, Then he looked positively cheap nfl jerseys wholesale.
More than six hundred thousand, there really so many? With Lu Pu-wei of business experience, and now his mental grasp of the human is still very accurate, to treat different people, attracted by what means, what kind of words that allows them interested, he's intimate knowledge.
The Guotai Long to see the look of the eyes shining, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale it appears very calm and have a grasp of the Road I plan year profit down, will definitely more than just a lot. The Guotai Long felt a little bit the situation,nike air max sandals, to hide the smile, then said a few are not salty light, then, let cheap nfl waiting to answer.
A few days later, he really let Guo Ming, ask him to, and specifically ordered him to the car in person to pick up.
This time, he introduced several so-called experts he please come back, cheap nfl a few of them together are discussed, and finally to the Kuo Ming definite answers,nike air max 360 2011, this opinion is absolutely good.
Excited Guotai Long immediately put out a feast, to celebrate a bit, although someone told him before, Square, you can get, but are then one said, there is no overall planning, the most important thing is, he did not know The plaza even such a large profit.
Next, basically cheap nfl ideas and design the entire plaza transformation Square transformed into a leisure and entertainment plaza in the evening, free of charge to everyone.
Of course, since it is entertainment, and ultimately, the necessary facilities, which is to put some of the early, most importantly, get around the many stalls to be leased, a variety has. Roast string, cold drinks, a variety of toys, as well as others.
In short, leisure poly popular With the popularity Square to have a value the same time, through the relationship between Guotai Long, also the government to get a sum, it would be the government and his co-operation, nominally for the public to get the a project.
Transformation process is fast, less than a month, all are engaged properly, the booth is also very good rent Thirty-six position from fifteen hundred per month at 3000, the light of this sum income Guotai Long annually nearly a million of income, while some maintenance of the plaza, brought about the government is responsible for, but it is an idea, there are millions of revenue.
As the idea of ​​creative, cheap nfl silent existence, no one knows, this was his idea.
Publicity, of course, said Guotai Long In order to facilitate the masses, to provide a good recreational place, the place of their own company deliberately let out, and the government, which has become the government this year, a performance project.
These, cheap nfl do not care, he has also long been thought of, he does not know him when people can have such a study, to be exact, should be of human nature, as if understanding, so these things, he did not hate one another, even to complain

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