Monday, October 8, 2012

95 air max release dates even say words like hot sun evaporates as soon sound is so low

ang Jian problem, but unfortunately no one believes him.
But never mind, he could suck Wang caught. Their own to help him a scapegoat,jordan retro release dates, so let him run away easily too sorry for myself he swear in mind.
Sand,95 air max release dates, sky are a myriad of sand can not see any other color, as far as the eye could have seen, is full of sand under the hot sun baking.
There is no wind. Things without any activity, this world is a silence, as if into a hell.
Of course, these words may not so correct, because if Seen from a height, you can see a few black specks moving slowly in the endless sand.
The usual lively Hou levy has become weakly up, even say words like hot sun evaporates as soon sound is so low, just export had disappeared without a trace.
Then, we restore the original silence shallow foot long and difficult journey with one foot deep in the desert.
Six are being Gifted in the Gifted, called Desert Tactical Training.
This is their last lesson. Allowed to become a full member of the Long group able to pass the hurdle. Accept some basic desert survival training, they will be directly thrown into the base surface
?The desert before they were asked to carry only a very small amount of food and equipment, in accordance with the action groups, across the front of this vast desert in the time to reach the opposite terminal.
The entire journey of over five hundred kilometers long. Especially a desert, to be known as the successful crossing in the desert, often mysterious magnetic field interference with communications and electronic

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