Monday, October 8, 2012

womens oakleys in accordance with the parameters of the iron battery development of new equipment

st put this technology into conventional strike force for the Thundering Li Mingzhi comrades responsible for the preparation of the implementation plan scale plant to produce 1 million kilograms goal, the location optional in Shanghai, the industrial base is good, the quality of personnel, the half year built cost estimates may be thicker, to include the needs of all categories of personnel. The second plant 5 months later, if the new technology is developed,nhl jerseys, according to the new process layout, otherwise ranging on existing processes and build factories.
to be high on their home should take good care of Li Mingzhi comrades to personally intervene in the matter. process transformation and the development of new technology and it please you experts. something you can also find me, I am of the logistics department.
catch up, will not leave us much time. course, a large number of iron battery once, it can not be kept secret for the three most pressing use units: submarines, aircraft and plateau of military vehicles, and immediately set up a project team, in accordance with the parameters of the iron battery development of new equipment, as well as the transformation of the existing equipment program and then launched a massive development of the rest of each three-month Jin-Ming Zhang the comrades this request to do confidential programs. The each attendee chest full of passion. Their work will change the contrast of the world's military power.
When in 2006 about the past,womens oakleys, oakley people full of hope for the fut

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