Friday, October 19, 2012

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Thing, but also for this reason they have the power to monitor all citizens. Linked to a number of people in this department, you can not find a place to go in the entire country.
000 Luo Federal Capital Star - Star Troon, Troon galaxy, the Ministry of National Security Intelligence office, wearing a black suit, slight stature fat middle-aged man is also wearing a black hand pointing to a suit the middle-aged man shouted: of? Why not previously obtain any intelligence? Lambasted it is the master of this office, Secretary of the Bureau of Security under the Ministry of Intelligence, the 44-year-old man named Liang Wei. Now this was originally the highest Executive of the department of people, but it is very pathetic low with head should be a middle-aged man asked: dare, raising his hand to wipe, let alone looked up to see his face.
Being followed step-by-step in front of immediate supervisor boarded Secretary post for him, he was very clear its own Executive is what kind of person, and offend the Executive at any time inexplicable disappearance of his side under Executive of frightened thundered cursed the terrorists launched the terrorist hijackings, cursing your own that go check it out messages subordinates why not come in the report it,nfl jerseys cheap?
, Directional ion legitimate Liang Wei ready to withstand the next round of the questioned bombs are fried not open the door is opened. Wearing a black suit, sweating, disheveled, tie semi-loose young ranging from door that electronic door completely open, on sideways ran into the room.
This young man has not stopped to take a breath, to Liang Wei immediately play the highest powers of the Executive of the intelligence department, turned, looked up, stare, teeth, hand pointing to the poor young man curse: to find actually went so long! Young man's voice startled by the Executive,Green Bay Packers Jerseys, he certainly knew that their Executive Why anger so big, seems that the Executive has certainly like their own training meal. Would like to think so, but he is still busy stand at attention and fast said: Executive hijacked flight from Kayla Star Lad Star 3245 just came the news has been taken off alert, descend to the planet Mudd galaxy Wright! younger generations. discovered that this is a very ordinary middle-aged man, and still kind of middle-aged uncle, not see his smiling eyes and generous smile lips with a trace?
His a raven hair, not that his actual age, but his eyes on the crow's feet showing he will at least have more than 50 years old who do not know if he appeared in the streets, his hands hold much power But who knew him and saw him askew kind and generous appearance will immediately make chills

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