Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Angels Jerseys more crazy than I am.

Looked at oakley smile, my heart than a person's time at ease a little.
I originally planned to contact jersey in recent days, get together with them, oakley a walk it in advance.
When linked to the jersey and Ge Jinqiu, the two still at home playing games, there is no consciousness of being a game producer. Can listen to background music from the phone out,oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday, they are playing their own planning RPG game in Japan is very popular to the end of December as a number of masterpiece, and achieved very good results. Of course, from the phone I hear it at home jersey seems to have switched to a new sound, this kid money like Britain children to enjoy the audio-visual, more crazy than I am.
I took a taxi over to the jersey home, this person working with two of Ge Jinqiu the Konka rear projection TV to buy a new war they are Yunnan direction of sloshing repeatedly defeated southern barbarian king Meng Huo. Jersey to me I open the door to welcome to come: This jersey a few years with my mix, the tone becomes very small circle, both a little slick. I smiled at him: Ge Jinqiu press the pause central stand up in the living room: Feeling like no money when the guilt as quickly in the past, I hung up the phone to Zhouguang Cheng and Liu Zhong, the two men I invited to the dinner off the refuse reason.

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