Monday, June 25, 2012

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Check, according to their colleagues reflect Cheng Lu previously often said her sleep is not good, we find her daughter survey also said that her mother usually sleep well, and often rely on to take sleeping pills to fall asleep standing at home sleeping pills, and we also let bottle identification, confirmed her mother during his lifetime have been using the bottle. Zheng Lu also good relations with some of the doctors of the city hospital,oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday, we found that these doctors understand, Zheng exposed previously to the hospital sleeping pills, she was too lazy to often go to the hospital troublesome Every time sleeping pills. Liu Wei asked: Jiang Chen embarrassed shrug: After the finish of Jiang Chen, Liu Wei glanced at: first you say Jiang Chen fingers playing with a pen, thought, said: So, I tend to identified suicide. you know, There are a variety of reasons for the suicide, does not have to commit suicide for love, may also work for the cause, or pessimism, even for the nation for the country not because Zheng Lu is a woman, before dying, and wrote a love poem, he kept to want committed suicide for love, I think fundamentally committed a directional error. Since there can not find evidence of homicide, I suggest or in accordance with the suicide closed. Yao Ma, Wei-Zheng Zhou, and several investigators has always been the only Jiang Chen Ma Tau is looking, they felt that Jiang Chen is right, all together nodded and said: Liu Wei Qiao Xiang Detective Xiaoyun Qi: Xiaoyun Qi smiled, said: not know it, even if it is suicide for love is to love other men, not necessarily her husband, so, as long as suicide is not for her husband, that her husband was dead and another man a relationship of strange like to explain the poem is also on the table, despite the handwriting is recognized through the identification Zheng Lu, but she used to transcribe, or it can be written to his lover, is not necessarily write to her husband's this strange Ye Hao explained. found no evidence of homicide, I also agree with Jiang's team's judgment. Liu Wei Zhou Shi-yuan, a few forensic another look: Zhou Shi-yuan, who nodded.
Liu Wei said:

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