Monday, June 11, 2012

nike air max white Do you know a new succession of Huadu Group

On the table, said: Do you know a new succession of Huadu Group, general manager of the nba, the bid price to the government how much? Wang oceans did not go to the file contents of the bag, said: prime location to build a new residential area, hoarding a lot of financial resources, but economic Lot conflict did not want to bid ...... out the enthusiasm of a lot of investment, it is only to provide a prime site insured, but the nba I was warm and a bit too much, he has used the financial resources of Huadu,air force 1 shoes, Murong investment from the Xu Shan, Kowloon, in the hands grabbed five small-scale urban reconstruction works, by his own construction company contracted down, this time, he also used the same method the Murong investments to participate in the downtown bid, Wangjing, his purpose seems to be not difficult to guess through it? Huadu insured just a smoke bomb, Murong investment is the nba real used to attack the light bead of weapons. Wang oceans face a slight change, coldly: Yuan revival cough serious and said: In other words, the nba would rather accompany the money do not want to Xu benefit that a reckless acts of revenge, Wangjing, if my survey is not wrong, you should also be the nba want the object of reprisals?
We light bead competition piece of prime city center site but the nba is not in competition, but in the vent, you? reckless recklessly, and we have to consider the future development. Wang marine pluck at the hair and smiles: Yuan revival is not tactful, direct, said: Mention Yuan revival or the directors present, even the ocean cheeky surprise,nike air max white, Wang marine saying this will not be too full?
Yuan revival very satisfied with the results of the meeting, the ocean was a bit worried.oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday
In the office of the chairman of the ocean and some angry son said:

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