Thursday, June 28, 2012

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But also the rapid healing of drug reagents. Unlimited biochemical laboratories and the military part of it is to the pharmaceutical Code of stage repeated verification process, will continue to amend some of the details, make this more perfect, and may be divided into categories and dose level, to adapt to different objects.oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday
Injury agent for the military, can be described as a very important thing. Think about it, but often injured on the battlefield things with this drug reagents, as long as you have not died on the spot, or not very serious seriously injured, then you will be able to stop the bleeding save, but the vast majority of cases (not mangled), in the rest of the period of time (how long to see the minutes of the degree of injury, fast, slow, mostly as long as days), the wound will be healed completely, it will restore the normal ability to act, do not even leave a scar, fight again, it will be a how important the concept.
But also because of important applications in the military value, and to prevent foreigners stealing, this drug reagents, by the military as one of the top secret of course, if the specific drug reagents really been stolen, which has wound healing ability of the most critical ingredient - hormone healing factor, the developed methods were not stolen to go on the trip, the other not particularly important.
And a variety of reasons,cheap nfl jerseys for kids, the drug agents,air jordans 8, yet can only be for military purposes, but not civil, civil, at least have to wait until after 5-10 years. In the successful development of clinical samples of drug reagents, the drug reagents mass production has also been transferred temporarily to the military, rather than unlimited biochemical production. later to allow civil to unlimited biochemical enterprises will be the production of this drug reagents.
Some people may ask, can not be achieved civil, and its mass production was handed over to the military unlimited biochemical enterprises how to make money? There is a definite solution. First change all the costs of the drug reagents, including research and personnel costs are fully reimbursed by the state military, followed by the civilian patent of the drug reagents, entirely unlimited biochemical enterprise is, in the future to allow civil After the reagents of the drug in the civilian market, production and sales, unlimited biochemical to master.
Injury agents thank oakleys the The three know, explain to others, said Zheng Xi and then discovered by accident.)
Li Mengxin temporarily ended her task at hand, can take some time off, oakleys and the Li Mengxin They also can slightly relax.
In April, unlimited Chinese micro-enterprise was formally established, its main organizational structure consists of infinite Chinese micro-laboratory, the Main Board of Health

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