Friday, July 13, 2012

Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys he does not have this level when the Song Dynasty Yuan Longping

, Wang and certainly does not belong to the ranks of a monarch and his subjects only a handful of first his lack of a politician's mind; Second, his lack of patience and concession of the statesman,Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys, the blind emphasis on the political means punish The fourth and most terrible thing - to know people and it can, a large number of speculators and the Jianxiang are his hand-picked up the shortcomings of Wang Anshi, these shortcomings resulted in the inevitable failure of his political I personally think that Wang Anshi is a Song dynasty version of Jing Ke, the achievements of his own heroic doctrine, but political failure. Wang Anshi this or that deficiencies and shortcomings, but he still respectable: the hearts of the people and countries! this alone, Wang Jinghui can not get rid of him Moreover, Wang Anshi get rid of the ring to read the chapter but also how to arrange?
Second, with regard to the food problem, the history textbooks explicitly stated the Ming Dynasty, the Jiangnan region of rice per mu is about 180 kg, presumably the level of the Song Dynasty and Ming Dynasty almost ancient history, I am afraid that the level of farming most cattle in the world, I would like the protagonist is a doctor, he does not have this level when the Song Dynasty Yuan Longping, Wang Jinghui in agriculture, there will be some action, after all, Food is, if not solve the food problem. are no good,Texans Rangers Jerseys, but of books going to the Americas looking for drought-resistant high-yield crops such as corn, not quit read do not want to let the protagonist to find, but the thing is not easy, this is not realistic, the basic ring read to rejected.
Third, proposed in the book review of Feng Xiong Wang Jinghui Song Dynasty decision-making and other small countries such as Vietnam as a colony of the Great Song, I personally believe that: The idea is nice, but the successful operation of the difficulty is too great. those scholars holding the smelly feet of Confucius more quotidian, is not conducive to military action, trying to neighboring small country into a colony, it is not easy.
On corruption Kuangyin Taejo set the oath not to kill the literati, which brought great difficulties to the anti-corruption work of the Song Dynasty, even A more boss still does not solve this problem, the younger brother is even more difficult , but quit to read will not let those corrupt officials is better than the.
This is so much the way to encourage multiple quality book reviews, I see does not mean the essence in the hands of the ring to read the fine readers plus generous extent, I think you hearts have the number, the other way and then beg big boys: Do pen mercy, little combat is good, a big blow is terrible! the beginning of the book every day, scolded, that time I almost become a cheap bastard. day scolded seems to have surprised you boss errors in the book, but please bear with me Thank you! to thank!
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