Thursday, July 19, 2012

the north face jackets Lord Royal Highness

Lord Royal Highness! General quasi-tower of the Eastern Group has been annihilated! What! You really mean it,air jordan 7 retro premio! About the many priests and the crowd listening to E g of a storm. Nikan with the royal family immediately jumped up and shouted loudly: Tudor word livid face did not say he does not believe that Bologna will take refuge in the Han Chinese. The Nanming now hopeless at all. Bologna as the Qing royal family, how to make such a stupid thing to do this too incredible. there are many priests had never heard of Ming army there are so many skilled army. If this is really in that case they would not be so smooth on entry,the north face jackets, but in front of E g is indeed is a white flag he brought all the evidence that he did not lie. combined with the past few days to see many priests really think Ming army may be surrounded by their own thinking about the possibilities in the Tudor E g shot him to report a more shocking news.
The spies went to inquire in Huaibei. spies brought back a message and E g said consistent Kong Youde be so anxious to come Tudor.
Seeing Kong Youde and other generals nervous looks like many priests thought into a three-way army wiped out the news is bound to affect the morale of the troops around the friendly forces is not to be annihilated is out of the Huaibei Today, in-depth the Huainan only way posterior also sealed it really have to give up?
Look see Tudor uncertain Kong Youde straightened his thoughts: Withdrawal? Tudor looked Kong Youde Road: Back to the princes of the Ming army surrounding our trend, but after all the troops I find out this time to surround and annihilate General of the quasi-tower Ming the Xiangfan Nv Zongdu nfl this person or taking part in Guangdong. Listen to E g firearms is very powerful, but I think we have enough artillery and handguns. current strength can win Xuzhou to when the Colonial reinforcements of one to our south again too late. Listening to Kong Youde's proposal Tudor looked up to see the fires raging in the city of Yangzhou. Step backward step. To more than a few days will be able to under the front of this city, but! Many priests can not help but pull tight fist. finally he let go of the cold fist ordered: Kong Youde and the other generals looked at each other, the one with the kicked and said: When many priests after they went away from the fierce pull out with a knife to cut off the side of trees

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