Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Women, nor the warm welcome by the Arc de Triomphe. There are only a few surviving comrades in arms, sitting in a shabby and Sanlitun can not be compared to the bar, listening to the radio without vagueness reported, our blood and sacrifice hastily described as a simple flat The rebel action. However, the army is the case, will get off the ground a thousand marrow Moreover, the war did not open the I remember a school for the blind there is a self-defense veterans, often because of the morning wash, eyes out in the sink and draw a lot of laughter. Now, I seem to see that soldier's bleeding heart, once again experience the old soldier to Kiev on, to see their own service warships across the oceans, came to have the enemy as an exhibit, a tourist attraction the cries of the heart. Military doctrine, the military differs from ordinary people, not their master higher killing skills, but they've been through the trauma of ordinary people difficult to understand that trauma is not only physical, but deeply pierced the one had been young once the fiery heart. They do not care feats but overwhelmingly care about the honor, the honor of the coat is not brilliant,mens oakley, but stained with the blood of his comrades. So that they dare not cherish and never forget to cherish! As a veteran to escape from the gates of hell, you can count on and the only hope, can such a bar is pretty good. Of course, as a die numerous fake soldier, I am not satisfied that the consumption of life! I began to stir once to not be reconciled been aimed at a possible nightmare. Finally, I have to give herself an excuse before the trembling tear packaging, genuine beautifully packaged, is aimed at the eyes, a kind of familiar dark muzzle of a fantasy, a row of inscrutable characters - the resistance forces. I said to myself: Know? Modifications, regardless of who use it! This time is really a nightmare advent! It is no exaggeration! I no longer have any illusions, but no longer the treatment of the regular army. But wearing a particularly ugly broken hat and face stubble, the first sub-zone led a bunch of rabble made my own confused and disoriented. See resistance materials already in college courses, but has no time to attend. Just a reason to indulge in the This is just great. The second nightmare began, not to learn but also have to learn. I was very backbone, I never tried to betray a friend in the first hurdle when Soviet soldiers than I strafe like a sieve, anyway death we die, I will not yield, in Raiders on a one Actually wanted me to surrender first,nike air max moto 7, and then go by the So, I never betray a friend, what plot development, I do not ever want

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