Thursday, July 26, 2012

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No doubt my face, I'm not with a mask. Brother, but not twelve years, you forget the nfl what? Financial ice body Juzhen the speechless said: nfl know now has no need to hide Otherwise, he is definitely not be able to leave the study range, since it has been encountered, it would only choose to face, slowly nodded his head, brother, yes, I came back for so many years past , you better it? his heart in the slight tremor, as far as possible restrained emotion.
Melting ice flashed a trace of tears in the eyes of the fierce stepped forward, opened his own arms, nfl same open arms, and hold together with his brother, two brothers at the same time feeling each other agitation of the heartbeat.
Loosen his hand a long while, melting ice, to seize the nfl's shoulder looked at him carefully, ice-melting smile, did not come back with you? you back really good. brats, you must be dressed as I came in, right? nfl shook his head sadly, said: as a traitor, fugitive financier, but he was confident that his brother will not. This is a blind trust, the trust comes from the intuition.
Scared Mans melting ice in the eyes big release, nfl nodded his head, said: In eight years, the father and mother had gone to eight years. shaking in the fall, the study is full of sad atmosphere.
Melting ice and some sluggish watching nfl nfl just a simple narrative, but he can feel all these years the younger brother by bitter parents, how he is off!
Years of independence, nfl have learned to be strong, to wipe away tears, looked to melt ice and said: you, it seems,oakley gascan sunglasses, everything is doomed. Do not worry, I will not let you feel uncomfortable, if you also, when I was a younger brother, do not hinder me to leave, okay? . nfl a wan smile cry, Melting ice tightly clutching the nfl's hand, said:

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